Super Bowl Champion Seahawks Visit the White House

The White House welcomed the Seahawks team and coaching staff on Wednesday to honor their Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos. This was the first Super Bowl win for Seattle and President Barack Obama recognized the team’s historic achievement as well as the individual triumphs of many of the team’s players.

“We are here to celebrate the first Super Bowl victory for the city of Seattle,” said President Obama. “As a guy who was elected president named Barack Obama, I root for the underdogs.”

Coach Carroll reciprocated the support and offered the President the team’s support. “The Legion of Boom is just a phone call away,” he quipped.

President Obama spoke directly about Richard Sherman’s success over adversity and cited him as an inspiration to young people. Sherman’s upbringing in Compton and his scholarship to Stanford “showed kids from his neighborhood that they could make it.”

The President also lauded the team’s leadership and ownership. He specifically pointed to the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s raising millions of dollars for medical research into traumatic brain injuries.

While the tradition of the White House hosting the Super Bowl’s victorious team can be traced back to 1969 when Joe Namath led the New York Jets to beat the Baltimore Colts, it was an experience that was new to all Seahawks. Not all of the Seahawks were in attendance, however. Conspicuously absent was Marshawn Lynch who is famously media-shy. President Obama acknowledged this in a light-hearted manner, “I just want to say how much I admire his approach to the press. I wanted to get some tips from him.”

You can watch video of President Obama’s address to the team below.