Deepening Our Understanding of Oceans to Help Them

We celebrate the pioneers who are working to deepen our understanding of the oceans and tell the story of what is happening above and below the surface of the seas.

There are many projects and initiatives across our organizations that are working to improve the health of our oceans, from cutting-edge coral research to counting sharks to films that highlight Ocean Warriors.

Our world’s oceans are in deep trouble. They are growing warmer. They are becoming more acidic. Coral reefs are dying. And in the past 40 years, overfishing – much of it illegal – has claimed roughly half the fish in the ocean. Unless we change course, the marine ecosystems that 3.5 billion people rely on for food and for their livelihood could collapse in our lifetime.

But with better data and enforcement — and a greater understanding and appreciation of what is happening — we can make an impact that will improve the health of our oceans.