Teaming Up for Homeless Youth

Whether it’s describing our region as the next “Silicon Valley” or as the hub for commercial space, there’s no question that Puget Sound is booming. However, even as we experience this incredible prosperity, the homeless population in our region has grown exponentially over the past few years; from 2015 to 2016, there was a 19% increase in unsheltered populations in King County alone. Of the estimated 4,500 people living unsheltered every night in King County this past January, 50% reported as homeless for the first time.

Research indicates that 50% of chronically homeless adults experienced homelessness as a youth. And with over 35,000 homeless students in Washington state, it’s easy to see that we have a serious crisis on our hands.

This crisis requires all of us — government officials, nonprofits, businesses, philanthropies and individuals — to work together to find and support long-term solutions. That’s why Paul G. Allen and the Seattle Seahawks are teaming up to support Cocoon House, a nationally recognized nonprofit serving homeless, at-risk, and disconnected youth in Snohomish County. The mission of Cocoon House is to empower young people, families, and the community to break the cycle of homelessness through outreach, housing, and prevention.

Throughout December, Paul Allen will match every dollar donated to Cocoon House. Our fundraising efforts will culminate at the December 24th Seahawks game vs. the Arizona Cardinals, where there will be a number of ways to donate during the game.

In the meantime, there are a number of other ways to pitch in:

Contribute at one of Paul’s local organizations, including:

  • Purchase a blanket at the official Seahawks Team Store and 12% of proceeds will go to Cocoon House.
  • Visit our fundraising page or text “TEAM” to 91999 to donate directly to the campaign.
  • Watch out for new Seahawks Auction items to go up later in December – all profits will go toward Cocoon House (details to be announced soon).
  • Engage your local social communities to contribute to this campaign by sharing a link to our fundraising page on your social media channels.

We know there is no single solution to homelessness, but investing in programs and organizations that are doing innovative and effective work is one way to help stop the cycle of homelessness in our community.

This fundraiser follows a number of other youth homelessness initiatives Paul has supported in our community:

  • Paul provided a $1 million grant to YouthCare to fund the Paul G. Allen Hope Center, for which the Washington State Department of Commerce recently allocated funding for bedding and services for homeless minors.
  • Paul joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Raikes Foundation for the School House Washington initiative, which supports and advocates for the estimated 35,000 students and families experiencing homelessness across Washington state.
  • Paul, in partnership with the Raikes Foundation, funded Legal Counsel for Youth and Children to help homeless and at-risk youth access education, employment and housing.