It’s Time to Tackle Ebola

Ebola is on the move in West Africa – spreading at an unprecedented rate.

The tragedy of Ebola is that we know how to tackle the disease, but the governments in West Africa are in dire need of more resources and solutions to treat and contain the virus. Without the help of our global community, the risk of Ebola spreading across Africa and beyond increases dramatically. The developed world needs to step up now with resources and solutions to stop the spread of this outbreak.

As such, today I am announcing that the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has made a $9 million contribution to the CDC Foundation. This funding will be put to work immediately by the CDC to establish emergency operations centers in the most-impacted countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. These centers will help to better establish and fortify a systematic response through data management and communication systems for disease and patient contact tracing, to detect and stop the disease from spreading.

This contribution is just the beginning of an ongoing commitment to help the people of West Africa. Money is only part of the answer. We need creative and practical solutions for the logistical, healthcare worker safety, and in-country education challenges aid organizations are facing. We are establishing strategic partnerships and supporting desperately needed programs that directly address these immediate issues. You will be hearing more about these programs in the coming days.

A winnable battle should never be lost. Now is the time to respond to this crisis with the speed and resources needed to support all who are working hard to contain, and ultimately tackle, this horrible disease. Be a part of the solution by visiting the CDC Foundation’s website.