Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Now Is the Time to Help

Ebola is spreading quickly across West Africa – the disease is now present in four West African countries and has taken at least 932 lives. The CDC has characterized it as the biggest and most complex Ebola outbreak in history.

Supporting West Africa to combat this outbreak is a global responsibility, and the international aid community is responding. Doctors Without Borders, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and USAID are on the ground helping those in need; the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention are working on education and containment; and now, we’re joining the fight.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has donated $2.8 million to the American Red Cross, which will be put to work immediately in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. These funds will:

  • Provide necessary equipment – including personal protection kits and disinfecting supplies
  • Train thousands of volunteers in prevention, management and education techniques
  • Produce educational materials, including radio spots for broadcast in at-risk areas

Right now, there is a need to focus on getting the tools, supplies and people on the ground to contain the disease. This is a world-wide emergency and it requires a world-wide response.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Learn more about Ebola and this current crisis and share your knowledge.
  • Donate to the Red Cross.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Vulcan Inc. have previously provided funding for Ebola vaccine research. As with the Allen Institute for Brain Science and our other projects, we seek to advance discovery and fuel ideas that drive positive change.

This outbreak can be stopped if there is a greater understanding of the causes and prevention both on the ground and across the globe.

Help other organizations fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa like Action Against Hunger, Action Aid, AmeriCares and Oxfam International.