New Exhibit Features Three Historic Apple I Computers

Living Computers: Museums + Labs is hosting a new permanent exhibition dedicated to the first two decades of Apple Computer Company.

It’s great to add to our interactive collection the supremely iconic Apple I Steve Jobs used as he and Steve Wozniak grew the company. Over the years, Microsoft and Apple have been both fierce competitors and friendly collaborators, and while our approaches to the market have differed, we shared a common vision: to bring the computing world to people’s fingertips. This is an exciting moment for the Living Computers Museum + Labs. — Paul Allen

This exhibition features the only operable Apple I available for the public to use.

The exhibit kicked off with with a private event and reunion of early Apple employees and Home Brew Computer club members including Apple I designer and company co-founder Steve Wozniak. It was the first time Wozniak and Paul Allen met in person.

Plan your visit to the exhibit for a chance to get your fingertips on to one of the most iconic computers at Living Computers Museum + Labs.